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How to Add Styles and Presets to Capture One

by Brenda Barron on Apr 18, 2019

Interested in using Styles and Presets on Capture One?

You’ve come to the right place.

Capture One is an excellent piece of photo editing software, ideal for taking your images to the next level.

Used by professionals and amateurs alike, this tool can enhance the quality of your pictures by eliminating blemishes, improving color balance, and even adjusting brightness. One particularly beneficial feature of the Capture One application is the ability to add Styles and Presets to your images.

Styles and presets change the way that your images look, without asking you to commit to hours of editing work. With one click of a button, you can adjust a portfolio of photos.

So, how do you add new styles and presets to Capture One?

Here we’re going to look at:

  • Defining Styles and presets
  • Adding a Style to Capture One
  • Adding a Preset to Capture One
  • Using Styles and Presets

An expandable list of user and built-in styles within Capture One

The Difference Between Styles and Presets

Before you add styles or presets to Capture One, it’s important to note that they’re two different things.

A style in Capture One is a set of pre-made alterations that you can apply to a single image or a collection of photos with a single click. Styles can include a wide variety of tools, including:

  • Film Grain
  • Structure and clarity
  • Shadow and highlights
  • Color balance
  • Levels and Curves

Presets are also pre-designed adjustments for your photo. However, they’re intended for a single tool. For instance, if you wanted to create a film grain preset, you would add it to the Film Grain Tool. You can stack your styles and presets to create more unique edits for your images.

The style menu and sorting options

How to Add a Style to Capture One

Capture One comes with a number of impressive Styles already built-in. However, there are also additional styles that you can find and download online. The easiest option for adding styles involves going into Adjustments > Styles > Import on the Capture One tool. Then you can select the files from the folder you’ve downloaded and import them all at once.

If you want to create a submenu for your new styles, you’ll need to copy the folder for your new styles, then go to Library/Application Support/ Capture One/ Styles on your Mac and paste the correct content into the folder. On a PC, you’ll need to go to C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\CaptureOne\Styles50.

Make sure you quit out of Capture One while installing your styles, then restart the app when you’ve implemented the new files. You can also save the adjustments you make to a specific image as a style. Simply click on the Adjustments Clipboard on the ellipses tab “…”. Then choose Save as Style.

The Save As Style option within the adjustments menu

How to Add a Preset to Capture One

When it comes to adding styles and presets to Capture One, presets are a little more complicated. Like with styles, you’ll need to quit out of Capture One to get started, locate the file of presets you just downloaded, and copy all of the internal content.

On a Mac, go to: /Library/Application Support/ Capture One and paste your content in this folder. You might need to create a new folder if you don’t see one named Presets60.

On a PC, go to C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\CaptureOne\ and paste your files into Presets60 again. It helps to create an additional folder within the directory with a name for your Presets so that they’re easier to find.

You can also create new User Presets on Capture One, by clicking on the Manage Preset menu, and selecting Save User Preset when you’re finishing choosing the edits you want to make to an image. A save dialog box will appear, where you can enter a title for your new Preset.

A graph showing the RGB adjustments of a Capture One preset

Using Styles and Presets

Once you know how to add styles and presets to Capture One, you can make the most of your effects. The good news is that it’s easy to get started.

Simply go to the Style and Presets Panel, and you should be able to see all of the effects available to add to your photographs. When you apply a style or preset to a layer, the layer will automatically be named with the title you use for your effect. Remember, though it’s possible to stack presets, you can’t add more than one style to the same layer.

If you want to use multiple styles, you’ll need to duplicate a layer and add the style to that instead.

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