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How to Optimize Image Galleries for Mobile Using Envira Gallery

In 2020, over 50% of all Internet traffic in the world came from mobile phones. Furthermore, over half of the video streams were from mobile phones. What does this mean for photographers online? It means that it is increasingly likely that readers will view your photoblog or WordPress portfolio on their mobile phone.  It also means […]

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How to Enhance Gallery Layouts with Customizable Gallery Themes

You’ve downloaded the Envira Gallery plugin, created your first gallery, and put up some of your beautiful photos on your WordPress website. Congratulations! Of course, your Envira galleries look great out of the box. But how can you customize your gallery themes for a more tailored look? Envira Gallery Pro users get access to some […]

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Squarespace vs. WordPress for Photographers

You’re getting ready to start a website for your photography blog. Maybe you just want to put up some images… But over time, you may want to turn your hobby into a business. That means having a professional-looking site, a portfolio, and potentially an eCommerce platform. That’s a lot to think about, which is why […]

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Best WordPress Design Plugins for Photographers

There are thousands of WordPress website plugins available to help you perfect and customize the functionality and design of your WordPress website. One of the latest and greatest forms of the plugin is the design plugin. These have been available for a while now, but as more WordPress users look to improve their site, plugin […]

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How to Change WordPress Theme

One of the key aspects of any successful WordPress site is its theme. A theme controls the look, feel and action of your site, and can be the difference between a beautiful portfolio or a clunky webpage that gets little traffic. That sounds terrible, but don’t worry! There are literally thousands of themes available for […]

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