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How to make the gallery titles in your Envira Albums link

Would you like to turn your album gallery titles into links just like the gallery cover image? This tutorial will walk you through the steps needed to do just that!

First you’ll need to either create a new album or edit an existing album. If you need any help creating your first album, please review our documentation here.

You’re next step will be to edit each gallery inside your album and enable the Make Gallery Title Linkable?

To do this, start by clicking the blue pencil icon to edit the gallery.

Edit the galleries inside the album

A new window will open called Edit Metadata.

On this screen, you’ll see the Make Gallery Title Linkable? checkbox just above the Save Metadata button. Click the checkbox and then Save Metadata to save the changes.

Enable the option to make gallery titles linkable

sing the right and left arrow keys at the top of the Edit Metadata window you can scroll through the remaining galleries to repeat these steps. Once you’ve finished, just click the X button to close the Edit Metadata window.

Finally click Publish or Update on your album to save your changes!

See a demo of the the gallery titles linkable.

Would you like to create a filterable album with the Envira Albums Addon? Check out our tutorial here on How to Create a Filterable Album.


Q: Why isn’t my title showing under the gallery cover image?

A: Make sure to check the Config tab of your album. The Display Gallery Titles? must be selected to show either above the gallery image or below.

Turn on the Album setting to display the gallery titles on the Config Tab