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57 Best Free Photography Themes for WordPress

by Waseem Abbas on Nov 7, 2016

Looking for a WordPress theme for your photography website? Choosing the right theme can be intimidating with the thousands of WordPress themes out there. In this article, we will share the 57 best free photography themes for WordPress.

Before we dive into the free photography themes, let’s briefly cover how to choose the best theme for your photography website.

How to Choose a Photography Theme for WordPress

Photographers are artists. In the past, photographers would showcase their work in art galleries to limited audiences. But since the growth of the internet over the past two decades, now you can showcase your art to the entire world.

Your stunning photos deserve to be displayed in the most beautiful way possible. That’s why choosing the best photography theme is crucial when building your photography website.

To choose the best WordPress theme for your photography website, it’s important to keep the following questions in mind:

  • What are your goals for your photography website? Will you sell your photos online? Will you need a photography client booking form or a photography client login?
  • What is your brand? Are you elegant or fun? Feminine or masculine? Light or dark?
  • Who is your competition? How will you differentiate yourself?
  • What visitors will be coming to your website? (Who are your clients?)
  • How will those visitors flow through your site? What site structure will best support your client?

With these goals in mind, let’s take a look at the best free photography themes for WordPress…

Photography Themes for WordPress with Galleries

If you want to create a photography portfolio in WordPress, you’ll need image galleries. This is a basic need for any photography website.

Unfortunately, not all free WordPress photography themes come with image galleries. And the themes that do have galleries are very limited in features. However, you can use the Envira Gallery plugin to add beautiful and powerful image galleries to any WordPress theme.

That being said, here are the best free photography themes for WordPress with galleries…

1. Tography Lite

Tography Lite

Tography Lite is a simple, attractive, and responsive WordPress theme for photographers. Home page can be decorated with the set of multiple pictures which appears in line at mobile layout. All the images become more sharp due to the white background of the theme.

2. Lifestyle


Lifestyle is a responsive WordPress photography theme. It is a child theme of Omega and built on HTML5. Being the child theme, it comes with all the features of Omega. The theme is designed with simple looks and easily manageable backend for the photographers.

3. Divina


Spread the photographs, audios, and videos on the homepage of Divina. A multipurpose theme designed for photographers to be used in distinctive niches. It comes with a sidebar and a simple layout. Beautiful colors of theme adds life to the quality of pictures which is a real need for any photographer. The theme is fully responsive.

4. Lens


Exciting features pops with Lens. Top menu, social share buttons, slider and background image, and feature work option on the homepage. It has different layouts for the homepage and option to add or remove features on choice. Lens is a responsive theme and work properly to all mobile devices.

5. Freak


The splendid parallax header background empowers the theme to standout. Freak is an attractive WordPress theme with adequate features like multiple menu bars, fully responsive slider, different posts on different pages and more. The theme helps you to display your featured work on the homepage. It also allows you to create different pages for different categories of photography. Freak is fully responsive and tested multiple times on different mobile platforms.

6. BiancaA


BiancaA comes with a big slider to display current or featured story. A perfect match for the photographers who wants to keep the things simple and peaceful. The white background of the theme presents the simplicity. It is a responsive theme with multiple layouts.

7. RokoPhoto Lite

RokoPhoto Lite

RokoPhoto Lite minimal WordPress photography theme focuses on the content. Begins with a parallax background image in the header, it is simple in flow and presentable in looks.

8. Avnii


Avnii is a fully responsive website for the photographers who offer services specially consultancy. The header includes an option to add logo and menu. Theme has a creative slider that allows to show some of the clicks by you.

9. Eryn


Eryn is clean and simple website for the photographers who want to show their personal work to the world. It is a responsive WordPress photography theme with loads of customization options. Every thing with Eryn is simple and sleek.

10. Gridsby


Gridsby is a album showcase theme for the photographers. It looks like pinterest. The theme is fully responsive. It has the features to add images easily on the homepage gallery. The header comes with social share icons on the right side, logo in the middle, and menu on the left side of the theme.

11. Swell Lite

Swell Lite

Swell Lite is a simple WordPress theme with the customizable header image and a logo easy to be placed in the center. Featured full theme shows the featured image on the homepage with the content. It is a responsive theme.

12. Photolab


Photolab is a responsive WordPress theme with the elegant and simple design. This theme focuses on presenting the content smartly. The homepage has the option to present different content types includes visual, audio, video, quotes, etc. The top section consists of a header image and the second fold distributed to the ‘About’ section.

13. Azeria


Azeria built on the concept to give you a feel like your own ‘home’ on the internet. Simple yet attractive theme with the extended top menu and the slider showing latest posts by you. Right sidebar has ‘About Me’ widget which appears with the profile picture to portray yourself in a presentable manner. Social icons and other features are on drag and drop way.

14. Hitchcock


Hitchcock is a gallery format theme. It is optimistic for the photographers to display their pictures on a responsive platform. Multiple features includes social icons, background image option, infinite scroll, custom header and more.

15. Maker


Maker is developed for the people who create art. It is a simple and attractive WordPress photography theme that illustrate the photos in a grids. The modern homepage allows you to share about your business story and featured photography. Maker works perfect on all resolutions.

16. Aperture


Aperture comes with a full-screen slider. A right choice for the photographers to display the pictures in an artistic way. Pictures comes with typography to define the event. Theme has the social share icons in the header with the menu. It is fully responsive.

17. Jax Lite

Jax Lite

Jax Lite has a full-width header image with the logo in the center and menu at the right top corner. It is a photography theme for WordPress websites that allows to showcase your art in a minimalist way on the homepage. Jax is a fully responsive theme.

18. Dream Way

Dream Way

Dream Way is a child theme of SG Window and inherits all its features. It is a dream-case with multiple layout options for the homepage and inner pages. Drag and drop functionality helps the non-coders to create their dream website using the responsive Dream Way WordPress theme.

19. Harmonic


Harmonic is a right solution for the travel photographers. From scratch, it is designed for the artists to put down their work on a simple yet minimal WordPress theme. It is a responsive theme with a full-width slider on homepage.

20. Inovate


Blog your photography with Inovate. A theme full of options and easy to customize. Homepage comes with a flexible slider to feature your pictures. A gallery to showcase your photography in an artistic yet presentable manner. It is a responsive theme.

21. Fukasawa


A WordPress theme for photographers who collect images and videos to present in ingenious structure. Fukasawa has loads of features to give ease to the photography blogging. Homepage has a sidebar at the left side for the menu and widgets. Responsive and minimal design attracts the visitors to come back to the website again.

22. Hoffman


Hoffman is a simple custom color optioned theme. It has multiple layouts for the pages. The theme has a pinned image option on the homepage. Social icons and easy navigation in the header. This responsive theme supports galleries of different formats.

23. Professional


Professional is a diverse theme to offer its users the variety of features. It’s a powerful theme with slider, animations, gallery area, and more. The theme is developed with the concept of broader perspectives. It is responsive and cross browser compatible. Theme has multiple layouts, footer widgets, and easily addable menu. It has been translated into three languages, i.e Spanish, German, and French.

24. Adventurous


If you like adventures and take your camera with you on your adventurous trips, showcase your photographs using Adventurous WordPress photography theme. Box-shaped simple and attractive design calls the photo-bloggers to itself. A multipurpose theme with flexible customization to add menu, social icons, and widgets. The theme is fully responsive.

25. PhotoStory


PhotoStory is full of features photo blog theme comes with the 5 exciting colors. It has the option of displaying posts on homepage with the large featured image and excerpt of content. Full screen background image supports the minimal look of theme. The responsive layout in addition to multiple templates.

26. Snaps


Snaps is a comprehensible and user-friendly WordPress photography theme. It has the full-page background image and inner pages to portray the pictures in different exhilarating galleries. Fully responsive layout with easy custom options to add logo, widgets and navigation.

27. Snapshot


Snapshot has the drag and drop option to create a splendid looking website with ease. The theme is designed to give access to the photographers to add images on website and enjoy the royalty. It has a top menu, a slider and a 3 grid layout on homepage. The theme is responsive with multiple features for homepage and inner pages.

Photography WordPress Themes with Featured Thumbnails

As a photographer, you may shoot weddings, birthdays, fashion shows, and many other events. To attract a large audience to your website, you should publish these photos–and the stories behind them–on your blog.

You can showcase blog posts on your homepage by creating a featured content gallery using any WordPress theme + the Envira Gallery plugin.

That being said, here are the best free photography WordPress themes that support blog post thumbnails on the homepage (and on other pages)…

28. ProtoPress


ProtoPress is loaded with features like multiple layouts, featured content areas, responsive 3D slider, advanced menu, showcases, featured images and much more. The theme is responsive and works professionally on all devices. It is a smart choice for those who are looking for a WordPress photography theme.

29. Riba Lite

Riba Lite

Riba Lite is a perfect WordPress theme for photographers with the features like lazy loading for images, full-width featured images, different formatting for posts, unlimited customization, and an amazing look. It is a fully responsive theme.

30. Adirondack


Adirondack is for a content site for photographers. With large tiles to display pictures and typography on the images at the homepage of the theme. It is a neat photography theme to make the pictures presentable.

31. Patio


Every picture has a story. Every still image speaks about itself. Patio is developed by keeping in mind that the stories comes out with each click. A responsive theme that allows the photographers to show their featured work on the homepage of theme, amazingly. A gentle WordPress theme for photographers with the white background to present their work to their fans and everyone on the internet.

32. Coherent


Coherent differs from other photography themes of WordPress due to its sliding sidebar option. A fully responsive full-width slider on homepage to show the most amazing clicks. The theme itself is responsive and works on all devices in an elegant way.

33. Cubic


Cubic is the child theme of Boardwalk and inherits all the features from it. The visibility of featured images on the homepage is in cubes. Cubic is a fully responsive WordPress theme for photographers.

34. Yuuta


Create your graphical diaries with Yuuta. A premium quality theme which is a right choice for photographers who wish to make stories from their clicks. It is a responsive theme with easy drag and drop options for any customization.

35. Zifer Child

Zifer Child

Zifer Child is a child theme of Zerif Lite. It is a WordPress photography theme built on modern technology to help the photographers for creating a beautiful website. Zifer Child is a fully responsive theme.

36. Boardwalk


Boardwalk is a simple theme wins with the vertical slider on the homepage. It is fully responsive and caters the need of a photographer. Menu can be seen from the right top corner of the theme.

37. Fifteen


Fifteen is built pragmatically on the modern technologies. It is a responsive photography theme for WordPress. The features include custom widgets, 3 grid layout for the homepage, featured images, multiple templates for inner pages, and exciting animations.

38. Bose


Bose has different blog layouts for the photographers to add content with their splendid pictures. A multipurpose theme that can be used for selling images online. Homepage has a slider and option to display featured work. The attractive white background sharpens the color of photographs added on the homepage. It is responsive WordPress photography theme.

39. Family


Family gives the feel of home from the first impressions. The use of fonts shows the focus on content itself. It inherits the features of Omega theme, being its child theme. Theme is fully responsive with a lot of options to customize the content using the easy WordPress Customizer.

40. Careta


Careta has a theme like pinterest to display images on the homepage. Pictures appears with the title and excerpt. It has a menu on top and the logo on right corner. The theme has social icons for both header and footer, different colors, stylish menu, author info box and a full page background image for homepage & inner pages.

Photography WordPress Themes with eCommerce

Do you plan to sell your photography online? If you are using the Envira Gallery plugin + WooCommerce, you can sell your photos in WordPress using any theme.

But in case you don’t have Envira, here are the best free photography WordPress themes with eCommerce ready…

41. Pinnacle


Pinnacle is a flat design photography theme for WordPress. It is responsive and loaded with powerful features. The theme is designed to make creative websites for photography with content.

42. SKT Black

SKT Black

SKT Black is a sharp looking website with the typographical slider. The homepage looks elegant with the option to present services. A WordPress theme for photographers who like dark colors. Easy to use drag and drop options helps the non-coders to design the amazing website for the photography business.

43. Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Stained Glass is loaded with the custom options available in the customizer. It has different layouts varies from one-column to four-column website. The theme supports multiple widgets and plugins to develop and artistic look on a tested responsive platform.

44. Panaroma


Panaroma comes with the 5 slides covering the homepage. It is a graphical treat for the fans of the photographer using this theme. The inner pages allow you to add content, gallery, contact details and more. There are 2 different templates for the pages. A fully responsive theme with other features.

45. SG Window

SG Window

SG Window has tons of features includes multiple layouts for homepage and inner pages, supports extensive custom widgets for body and footer, carry sidebars from one to four on homepage and footer, and much more. It is a fully responsive theme for professional photographers.

46. Quest


Do you quest for a WordPress photography theme? Quest can be your choice. If you are not familiar with coding, you can still create an attractive website using Quest. The theme appears with the drag and drop option. Easy and flexible customization is a bonus. It is developed on bootstrap framework which makes it a fully responsive theme. Background image option helps you display your identical picture that presents your work.

47. Verge


Verge is a professionally built WordPress theme with the slider showing featured images and typography of the posts. It can be used to sell photograph albums or designs. A multipurpose theme with fully responsive structure.

48. Veal


Veal is a 100% transition ready WordPress theme. It is loaded with tons of features includes multiple layouts, custom widgets, footer widgets, ecommerce support, full-width pages, page templates, and sleek responsive design. It helps you to present your work in a corporate style to the world.

49. Customizr

Customizr Photography Theme

Large displays are taken care with Customizr photography theme for WordPress. High quality images can be displayed on the homepage that attracts the visitor from first impressions. Theme has the option to display featured content on homepage. It is responsive for all mobile and other devices.

50. Photo World

Photo World

Photo World is a ready WordPress theme for photographers. It takes no time to give your pictures an artistic look. The presentable slider on the homepage showcases your clicks in the premium grandeur. Pictures speak their stories after coming to Photo World. The theme is fully responsive and display accurately on all devices.

51. Photo Session

Photo Session

Bring your photo sessions to Photo Session. Typographical slider on homepage portray your photography in distinctive and pragmatic style. It is a theme for the professionals with easy custom editing options. Theme is responsive and supports all modern widgets, plugins, & technologies.

52. Market


Market supports selling your photography designs online with its cool features. A light weight theme has a pioneer theme editing option helps to build a classical website. Other features includes animations, navigation bars, social sharing icons, multiple templates for pages, and custom widgets.

53. Great


Great is a WordPress theme with multilingual support. It is responsive and fit to all screen resolutions. A highly customizable theme with custom background, menu, and a slider. The footer allows you to add three widgets.

54. Shopisle


Shopisle is a clean and elegant free WordPress theme for photography online stores. It is WooCommerce ready and features responsive design, a widgetized footer, video ribbon, social links and more.

55. Activello


Activello is a highly flexible and functional WordPress theme for photographers. It is minimalist and elegant, with tons of dedicated inner pages readymade and multiple color schemes and style choices. Activello is optimized to work with WooCommerce.

56. Arcade Basic


Arcade Basic features a unique design with a theme customizer to add your own header image, page layout, site width and more. Aside from your photos, you can also post videos, statuses, audio, quotes and more. Arcade Basic is compatible with WooCommerce.

57. Vantage


Vantage is an advanced WordPress theme designed for work seamlessly alongside an array of third-party plugins, including WooCommerce. If your style is clean and minimal, this is a great multi-functional photography theme for you.

That’s it! Now it’s your turn.

Go ahead and choose one of the photography themes above. Then, follow our complete guide to create your photography website in WordPress.

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  1. for a photograher theme we should have minimalistic design – without many graphics element up to expose author photos.

    I don’t like this website with two columns – left menu, right content, but very clear design with big good photos and very good UX it is enough for this kind of webdesign.

  2. Your works are great. It adds more color and the reflection of the photos. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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