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How to Build a Brand Identity on Social Media

Last updated on Aug 31, 2022 by [email protected]

Being an independent photographer is challenging. The competition is high, it’s hard to stand out and the pressure is on. If you are trying to succeed as a photographer, social media is where you want to be. Billions of people use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media every day. Billions! It is a sea full of fish that you need to catch.

In order to be properly active on social media, you need to think about building your brand identity. Yes, there is a whole philosophy behind it. But, don’t worry. Here’s a couple of things you need to know about building a brand identity on social media.

What Is Brand Identity?

It’s best to start from scratch.

Brand identity is what you want your customers to think about you and how you want them to perceive you. It is how you present yourself as a photographer on the market.

This means that brand identity answers the questions such as:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you offer?
  • What are your qualities?
  • Why should we choose you?

“Brand identity is highly important and it requires making smart choices and ingenious planning. Still, if you build it successfully, there’s nothing that can replace it.” – explains Amanda Sparks, a head of marketing at EssaySupply.

Before you start, try answering the questions above- clarify your own ideas. You need to set your mind straight and envision what you wish to accomplish.

Which Social Media Should You Choose?

All of them.

OK, not ALL of them.  But you should make sure your brand appears on all the major ones. Take a look at these numbers:

  • Facebook- 2.2 billion users
  • Instagram- 1 billion users
  • Twitter- 335 million users
  • Pinterest- 200 million users

You could start by making a page on Facebook and a profile on Instagram. Both are free and easy to manage. Gradually build an audience by inviting people to follow you. After that, make way to other social media.

Be Consistent in Design

It is a good idea to choose certain colors and make them your own. When you think about Coca-Cola, you’re thinking red, right? That’s what you want to achieve.

The goal is to have people connect the color to your brand. Use the same predominant color for:

  • your logo
  • your ads
  • your posts

Be consistent when it comes to design as well. Don’t go running around using different templates or fonts for each post. Be systematic. Make them similar in appearance and unique in content.

Partner Up with an Influencer

Influencers are people with a high number of followers on social media. It could be a make-up artist, a fashion blogger, a singer or even a pet-shop owner. The point is that they have the attention of thousands of people.

Partnering up with one (or more) of them can benefit you immensely! You can offer taking photos for them for free, in exchange for marketing. They can tag you on their post and ask their followers to check you out.

Since everyone on social media needs beautiful pictures, I’m sure you can easily make this kind of an arrangement. It’s a perfect way of building your brand.

People who we call influencers are extremely powerful. In a way, they affect the viewpoints of thousands of people and have the ability to lead them a certain way. It’s a fact which is not to be undermined.

Make a Giveaway

People love getting stuff for free! It’s a fact. You wouldn’t imagine how many people can you reach by setting up a giveaway on your social media profile.

Here’s how it works:

  • announce you’re giving out a free photo-shoot
  • set the conditions
  • invite people to participate

The key is in indirectly making people promote your page. It’s best that you set some of the following conditions for those who want to participate:

  • Like your page/Follow you on Instagram
  • Share the giveaway on their profiles
  • Tag a friend in the comment section
  • Put a hashtag with your brand’s name

This way new people get to learn about you and help you reach out to others. You make a new customer happy and you don’t have to invest any money. It’s a win-win situation.

Be a Smart Booster

Boosting posts is quite affordable yet efficient. For around 20$, you can reach up to 10-15 thousand people with one post. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose which post to boost
  • Select your target audience
  • Choose a time period

Remember: you shouldn’t boost everything you post. Make smart choices and decide what to promote the most.

“I hate it when I see one and the same sponsored add over and over again. It makes me want to block that page. People need to find a balance in advertising their brand on social media- that’s the key to a successful online campaign”- says James Daily, a marketing expert at FlashEssay

Write Simple & Straightforward Posts

Even though you’re a photographer, you still need to write posts and share information. Simplicity is key when it comes to social media advertising and branding. Your target audience should be able to get the point of your post within seconds. Otherwise- they’ll scroll on. Try applying these simple rules on your social media posts:

  • Make them short, but catchy
  • Pictures dominate, very little text
  • Proofread before publishing

You need to be absolutely certain your posts are accurately written. A spelling, grammar or any other kind of mistake will make you look unprofessional. It’s very repelling for a customer.

To ensure your posts are accurate and mistake-free, use online tools such as GetGoodGrade or ProWritingAid. Have them proofread before posting, to lessen the risk of looking unprofessional.

Final thoughts

You need to fight for your place under the spotlight. Building a brand identity on social media is a complex task which requires planning and hard work. Once you have it under your belt, you’ll be able to grow as a photographer and expand your business. 

Be consistent and follow these basic steps. Make sure to pay attention to details and understand your audience.

About the Author – Christopher Mercer is a freelance marketing specialist and founder of Citatior, a citation generator for students and education professionals.

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