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Camera is Best For Wedding Photography

Which Camera is Best for Wedding Photography?

by Waseem Abbas on Feb 9, 2017

Do you know which camera you need to shoot a wedding? As a wedding photographer, it’s important to bring the right camera to the ceremony so that your clients will be happy with the quality of your photos. In this guide, we’ll share which camera is best for wedding photography.

Our Recommended Brands: Canon and Nikon

So you may be wondering, which brand of camera is the best?

Both Canon and Nikon make awesome cameras. There are multiple other brands like Sony, Olympus, etc., but Canon and Nikon are the best when you look at features and options for lenses.

We always recommend professional photographers carry 2 cameras at the wedding ceremony. One will be your high-end primary camera. The other camera is the backup. You’ll only need to use the backup camera in case of any unfortunate failure of your primary camera.

Have a look at the options we recommend:

Primary Camera

Your primary camera should be feature rich and excellent in capturing wedding photos. We’ve selected a few of the highest rated cameras for you. Simply pick any one of these cameras and you’ll have a reliable device for your professional wedding shoots:

1. Canon EOS-1D X

Canon EOS-1D X is a high definition wedding camera that allows you to capture quality photos with two DIGIC 5+ image processors at 12 fps. It has an amazing ISO range of 100,51-200 (expandable to 102,400) which is great for low light wedding shots.

Canon EOS 1D X, best camera for wedding photography
Canon EOS-1D X Back

This camera is best for wedding photography. EOS-1D X claims to be a 61 point high density reticular AF which is supported by a 100,000 pixel RGB metering sensor and has the DIGIC 4 image processor.

You can buy Canon EOS-1D X here. It costs $4384.

2. Nikon D810

Nikon D810 gets high marks for cost, quality, flexibility and performance. It is one of the best wedding photography cameras with 14 bit A/D conversion, 14.4 stops and 25.3 bits of color depth. With these features, you can capture high quality wedding photos.

Nikon D810

It specializes in shooting black and white photos. Nikon D810 has 36.3 MP camera sensor and sports 91,000 pixel 3D COLOR Matrix Metering III system to capture the bride’s dress and all the small but important details in the frame.

You can buy Nikon D810 here. It costs $3197.

Secondary Camera

In case your primary camera fails, you should have a backup camera. You can also give this secondary camera to your assistant photographer for shooting random wedding photos. Have a look at our recommended options:

1. Canon EOS-5D

Canon EOS-5D is a full frame body camera that comes with a 22.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC 5 image processor with enhanced noise reduction, and ISO range of 100-256,000 to work amazingly for low light wedding photography.

Canon EOS-5D
Canon EOS-5D
Canon EOS-5D Back

It has dual card slots for more reliable data storage. The other solid features are mRaw mode that allows you to capture a high volume photos, autofocus (AF) points, and a weatherproof body.

You can buy Canon EOS-5D here. It costs $2499.

2. Nikon D750

Nikon D750 is a smart choice with lightweight frame and a great grip. It has 24.3 MP camera, 91,000 Pixel RGB sensor, and up to 6.5 fps.

Nikon D750
Nikon D750 UP View
Nikon D750 Back View

This camera is comfortable for wedding photographers to shoot lengthy ceremonies. Nikon D750 allows you to capture high quality and sharp wedding portraits.

You can buy Nikon D750 here. It costs $1649.

That’s all. We hope this guide has helped you to find which camera is best for wedding photography. You may also want to check out our guide on the best wedding photography tips, or this tutorial on how to start a WordPress blog so you can attract more wedding photography clients.

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    1. Good point, the best camera in the world won’t matter if the photographer’s no good 🙂 But using the right tools and equipment can still make a difference. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Clement!

  1. I am a Nikon shooter but being honest… the Canon 1DX has indeed the best skin tones and is much faster than the Nikon. Nikons skin tone is also a bit yellowish.
    I think the 1DX comes first indeed, D810 2nd.

  2. I need a camera for wedding shoot, nikon are canon. To the price between 1 lakh – 2 lakh. I need to help choose the best camera for wedding photography, and also the kit.

    1. I have the canon 6d, the body costs about $900, is full frame and great quality, do not buy with the kit lens, but a 50 mm lens 1.8 that costs about $130 and a 35mm lens and you should be good to start. I have an 85 mm and a 35 and I love them. the second camera if you want to have as a backup you can rent for the weekend

  3. The cameras are created in Thailand. Too poor lighting though and it will attempt to boost sensitivity even further or try to introduce black clipping, based on the metering. In general, the Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS digital camera is a great value for the price. Because the camera utilizes a 25-point contrast autofocus rather than phase-detection, shooting action shots can be quite tough. Though it’s able to stave off common problems like trailing and artifacting, it cannot seem to maintain a very sharp image. The 16-megapixel principal camera on the Nokia 6 is fast to lock focus and can capture excellent amounts of detail when there’s enough light. Well, it’s truedepending on the way you use your own camera. The Sony cameras optionally incorporate a wireless LiveView wrist strap remote control that provides you a view of what the cameras see, and lets you start and stop many cameras at the exact same moment. If you don’t have a Sony digital camera, you’re not entirely out of luck. A camera draws a particular quantity of current, and a battery holds a given amount of electricity. Deciding upon a hidden camera is something which always requires you to maintain a few crucial things in your mind. Individuals turn to hidden cameras for plenty of different targets, whether they are attempting to compile evidence in case of a house break-in, or want to keep a closer eye on the nanny who watches their kids while they’re on the job.

  4. hi,
    I have seen your all article and realized that this is the great content I have ever seen. Some days ago I read a content about DSLR but I had no find valuable content like that. thanks for sharing your valuable content with us.

  5. The camera is forecast to shoot 64-megapixel photos and will most likely let you take photos now and focus them later. To start with, you have to prepare the camera using Internet Explorer. Besides its streamlined layouts and simplicity of use, pocket cameras are also regarded as very inexpensive. If you’re looking forward to buy an HD pocket camera but are torn in regards to selecting which one is the right for you, you should first make a list of your preferences. The most significant thing about the camera is the users are expected to take care of some battery related problems. On the flip side, its camera has arrived in for some significant criticism, and has come to be the middle of ridicule. Mirrorless cameras like the Olympus PEN series utilizing the Micro Four Thirds sensor format possess the widest collection of mirrorless cameras since they’ve been around the longest and are available from several businesses. If your camera does not have WiFi, you need to find a remote shutter which works with your camera. Most cameras can record high excellent video provided that there’s great lighting. In any case, most modern cameras can take care of a small quantity of camera shake to make a sharper picture, but can’t compensate for bigger movements.


    1. No camera is bad. Need to practice. I started with Canon 350D with kit lens 18-55 and Canon 430X flash. Moved up to 40D, then 5D Mk 2. Presently my back up is the 7D. The 7D never let’s me down so far. Key word here is practice. Good luck.

  6. I will probably have to buy a Nikon D5600 as principal camera since I have D3200 already. The d7200 d7500 d750 d780 d8100 d810 d850 d5 and d6 is out my reach price wise. According to reviews it takes good pictures and will fare rather well in low light situations. It should also be able to capture detail well on a wedding dress.
    Your thoughts on this please.

  7. Depending on the type of photography you prefer go with an experienced photographer or get tips on google. The more pictures you take the better you will get. Eos350d very reliable. Both the Eos7d and Eos5d is excellent cameras that should last for many years.

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